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December 1, 2017

Cape Coral has completed its final pass of Hurricane Irma debris removal. Approximately 375,000 cubic yards of debris has been removed from residential streets. Canal cleanup continues and more than 38,000 cubic yards of debris has been removed from canals. All waterways will be cleared of debris in January. City inspectors and debris management monitors will continue to perform inspections to ensure all hurricane debris is picked up. Tree stumps are classified separately for reimbursement purposes and will be removed last. Any new debris placed curbside must be prepared in accordance with the normal Waste Pro pick-up guidelines.
The public debris site is open to the public, seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., for free mulch. Cape Coral residency is not required. The site is located near Pine Island Road and Andalusia Boulevard. This is a self-serve operation and anyone taking mulch will be required to self-load. However, the City will assist any large commercial vehicles designed for hauling materials, by appointment, please call 239-574-0751. Be advised that the mulch is not the same quality of decorative mulch that can be purchased from landscape stores. Anyone wishing to use the mulch will be doing so at their own risk and must be aware that this material may contain seeds from invasive and non-native plants (i.e. Brazilian Pepper and Australian Pine).  Although a remote risk, this material may also contain spores from Ganoderma, a fungus impacting palms.  
The remaining debris sites are still being used by contractors who are chipping hurricane debris. The mulch from those sites is being hauled to and spread on City-owned properties, which will save the City on the disposal costs associated with hauling mulch to a landfill. The debris site on Skyline Boulevard is expected to be cleared by the end of the year.   

If hurricane debris that was placed curbside prior to the beginning of the second pass (November 13) has not been picked up, please contact the 311 call center. Dial 3-1-1 or email

Multiple crews working in different areas of the City are cleaning the hurricane debris from canals. All waterways are expected to be cleared of debris in January 2018.

Please note: In the freshwater canal system, access to trees that have fallen into the canal can only be made via nearby vacant land. Bridges restrict the movement of barges that carry      large pieces of heavy equipment used for tree removal. If necessary, a path to the canal across a vacant lot may be cut resulting in the removal of other trees/plants for safety purposes and access to the fallen tree. The trees being cut down by the contractor are mainly invasive to Florida including; Australian pines and Brazilian pepper-trees. There is no plan      to replace these trees. This cleanup process is proceeding as quickly and efficiently as possible and in accordance with FEMA approved guidelines.

Horticulture for Waste Pro pickup must meet the normal pickup guidelines.

BOATING SAFETY: Residents are advised to avoid boating in canals until all debris is removed (estimated January 2018) due to possible obstructions under the surface of the water that may not be visible and could cause damage to vessels.


The City of Cape Coral urges residents to follow the instructions below to search for licensed contractors online or call the City’s Code Compliance Division at (239)574-0613 to verify whether a contractor has the appropriate licensing prior to signing any contracts and/or paying for services. 

To search for a licensed contractor online please use the City's eTRAKIT database.
1. Select "Search Contractors" under the "Contractor" menu option.
2. In the "Search By" drop down menu choose license type or company name.
3. Leave "contains" in the search option.
4. Enter the license type (e.g. plumbing, roofing) or the company name in the empty search box and click "Search".
5. THE CONTRACTOR'S STATUS IS ONLY CURRENT IF THE STATUS COLUMN INDICATES ACTIVE. If the status column is any thing other than active the license is NOT current.

**EXAMPLE: To search for a licensed contractor for seawall or other marine repairs/improvements enter "marine" as the license type in the empty search box**

To report an unlicensed contractor performing work in the City of Cape Coral, call (239) 242-3873 or send an email to

HURRICANE IRMA PERMIT FEE WAIVERS: Resolution 190-17, adopted by the Cape Coral City Council on October 3, 2017, temporarily waives base permit fees for permit applications related to repairing or replacing seawalls, pool enclosures, fences, sheds, roofs, or electrical systems damaged by Hurricane Irma submitted between October 3, 2017 through December 29, 2017. For more information, visit the Permitting page on the City's website.

FEMA ASSISTANCE: The deadline has passed to register for disaster assistance from FEMA. Applicants may appeal an initial FEMA determination letter, for more information click this link.  

SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (SBA): The deadline has passed for SBA physical damage disaster assistance but businesses that suffered economic injury (loss of revenue) are still eligible for support.